Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate Wellness

Are you ready to build conscious work-life balance into your brand? Does your company want to integrate wellness into its vision? Do you want to build more psychological intimacy within your team dynamics? Let us help you! 33rd & RiSING customizes workplace wellness and team building packages that focus on helping your team feel their best while doing the work they love.

Employees want to know that something tangible is coming from their work and that all hours worked are meaningful. They want to be part of a company culture that nourishes them inside and out. We will work with your company to implement customized wellness into your workplace with programs, classes, and services. 

Some of the Corporate Wellness services we offer: Yoga Classes, Educational Lunch & Learns, Healthy Snacking Stations, Massage, Group Gut Health Coaching Programs, Team Building activities.

Let's start with a consultation. Contact Us for more information.