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AWAKEN VITALITY with Sierra Onnah

Wake up and get moving!
A fun filled  movement practice, to wake up life force and juice the vibes for a week full of flow and grace.  A playful and deeply spiritual Qi Gong practice that will help your health and wellness process at all levels; mental, physical, emotional and energetic.

  • breathing, yin & yang, 5 element & tao yin exercises
  • taoist meditations and exercises for health
  • transform, physical, mental and emotional patterns
  • access the roots of vitality to restore wellness.

This class is held every Monday morning from 7:30 - 8:30 am

Sierra Onnah

Sierra Onnah, Owner of Embody Alchemy, trained as a clairvoyant at the age of 20, and she has been navigating and refining her intuitive skills for over 20 years now. Combining these clairvoyants skills with modern somatic movement practices, Qi Gong and taoist alchemical studies, as well as Andean healing practices. For the last seven years she was an apprenticeship as a 'chacaruna' or bridge person to enter other worlds. She brings together wisdom teachings to embody and navigate being a modern witch in our times.