Meet the 33rd & RiSING Team




founder, Holistic WELLNESS COACH

Chanel holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Behavior. She was trained early in her career on Behavior Intervention therapies and used her education to work with children and teenagers on the Autism Spectrum as well as special needs children with various rare diseases and developmental delays. Ten years ago, she transitioned her career into Healthcare in the Clinical Research space, and managed multiple pediatric and adult research Clinical Research and Investigator Sponsored Trials ranging from Breast Cancer, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Hepatic Diseases, Neurological Diseases and movement disorders. 

In 2011, after progressive deterioration of her health, Chanel was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. With the relief of a diagnosis, she hit the ground running to find out which treatments and modalities would work for her and her body. She credits her solid support system, implementing her education in Behavior, alternative healing methods and sheer determination for getting her into remission. Through the course of her healing, she became a staunch patient advocate and lobbied in Washington, DC in support of affordable treatment programs and research for patients with IBD.

Chanel received her Executive MBA from Saint Mary's College of California where she is active as an Advisory Board Member for the MS in Management Program. It was through Saint Mary's that Chanel became affiliated with Net Impact, a global organization of MBA's and professionals focused on social good and using their education to give back to their communities and the world. Her goal is to help make alternative healthcare methods available for everyone. Chanel works in the Cannabis Industry as a Cannabis Educator. In addition to her Health Coach certification, Chanel is a Reiki Master Teacher and Yoga Instructor. Chanel's healing journey includes going inward to continually confront and release traumas and behaviors that no longer serve her. She is fiercely committed to doing her work and to helping her clients as they do their own healing work. Chanel believes healing is most effective when you address all roadblocks hindering you- mind, body and spirit. She is excited to hold space for you on your journey as you learn to heal yourself.


Tamara Durley, bA, CDM, CFPP


During her first semester in Junior College, Tamara took a course in Nutrition and fell in love.  She was intrigued and challenged by the curriculum and felt compelled to learn as much as she possibly could on the topic. Tamara went on to study Family and Consumer Sciences with a concentration in Nutrition and Food at California State University, Sacramento. During her senior year, she was grateful to get an internship at Women Infant Children Services (WIC) in Sacramento County where she worked under a lead Registered Dietician.  Working at WIC opened her eyes to the struggle that low income, underserved families of color face in eating well. It also helped her realize that much of the same issues and choices these families were facing were similar to what her family members have also faced. During this internship, Tamara was able to develop her skills in educating these families as well as her coworkers on healthy nutrition choices by putting together workshops, creating educational board posts, and assisting with nutrition screenings.

After graduating with her Bachelor’s degree, Tamara went on to work as a Food Service Director/Dietary Supervisor for two facilities in the Bay Area. She currently works in a Long-term Acute Care facility as the Nutrition & Culinary Services Manager.  Tamara is also a Preceptor for Dietetic Technician student interns, and completing her Masters in Educational Leadership with goals to teach Nutrition at the Collegiate Level.

Everyday Tammy sees that family support plays a key role in health maintenance and lifestyle change and feels blessed to be a facilitator in this process. In the midst of the political and social unrest in our country, it has become clear to her that her positive influence as a woman of color in her community is needed. Growing up it was important for her to see positive representations of intelligent and successful black women in the media, positions of power, and as role models. She wants her community to understand that although we may be pre-disposed to certain diseases, with educated nutrition, environmental and life choices, suffering does not have to be our fate. Tamara is excited to help educate her clients on the beauty of food and nutrition.


Kristina (Ina) Catap, BSN, RN, RN-BC

health educator

Ina is a Bay Area native that has always had a passion to help and heal others since childhood. She graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences with the intent to attend Medical School. After taking the MCATs several times and applying to a handful of schools, God revealed He had different plans for her. A few years after her undergraduate career, she realized that the type of healer she wanted to be, was one that paid attention to her patients and families in need, while customizing their care to fit their cultures and beliefs. She realized that this type of healer was a nurse. Ina attended Samuel Merritt University and received her Bachelor of Science degree, in Nursing. Since graduation, she has worked for UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital in Oakland and is Board-Certified through the ANCC in Pediatrics.

Although her entire nursing career has been focused on pediatrics, Ina has found a new love in her own personal health and fitness. A year and a half ago, after having two beautiful children, Ina began to focus on incorporating more physical activity into her lifestyle, and paying more attention to how she was nourishing her body. Since then, she has lost 28 lbs and feels amazing! Her new goal is to use her general nursing knowledge to help others feel just as amazing, whether the goal is weight loss or just to be more heathy- mind, body, and spirit. 




Hi! I’m Lindsey. I found Iyengar Yoga while in college in 2004. When I found out I could get credits for stretching and relaxing I thought… Sign Me Up!! I ended up taking Yoga all 5 years. I didn’t know at the time, how much Yoga would change my life. I fell in love with Yoga. My Yoga practice has helped me become more self aware and better able to deal with society’s daily stressors. My home practice grew to a point where I sought additional training and, to date, I have a 200 YTT Certification, from Square One Yoga, and a Dynamic Mindfulness Training, from The Niroga Institute. I aim to provide space for people to find their healing through yoga. I am a Bay Area native and am very excited to teach because it gives me a chance to support our community.


Sienna melissa

Yoga instructor

Hi My name is Sienna — it’s a color. I live each day like it’s a me day. I choose to wear my most comfy clothes and to not look in the mirror. I stop to smell the lavender and greet everyone with a smile. Sometimes people ask me what my “secret” is but really, I just love being me. It’s pretty great learning something new each day and sharing positive vibes with the people around me. When you know that happiness and calm are states of mind, you are empowered to choose to smile in the rain and to flourish in the darkness. All I want to do is to help you know this too.  




Shannelle Stroman is a Haitian-American Yoni Educator originally from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Shannelle is the Owner of Yoni Adore where her businesses mission is to educate Women on Womb Health and self love. Yoni Adore came to fruition when Shanelle decided to share the amazing Haitian lineage, wisdom, and cultural traditions that had been passed down to her as well as from mothers-to-daughters for many generations within her culture. Shanelle's personal journey to womb health began 6 years ago with her first yoni egg. She is passionate about educating women on the importance of Womb Health, helping them develop their connection to the Divine Feminine and holding space as they work through conscious and subconscious traumas surrounding the Yoni.




Jennifer Meek is a Certified Yoga Therapist, C-IAYT. She specializes in working with incarcerated youth, people experiencing PTSD, food & body image challenges, chronic pain, and anxiety/depression. She believes yoga is NOT ‘one size fits all’ and therefore seeks to empower people to develop their own authentic embodied practice. She has been a professional dancer and dance teacher for over 15 years and believes all bodies can dance! She is also a founding member of Wake Up, an anti-racism group for white folks to dismantle racism within ourselves and our communities, For more information visit